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Embedded Wizardry is a professional services company that specializes in helping developers of embedded systems get to market quickly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you get your embedded product to market quickly and effectively.

Company Profile

Embedded Wizardry has the expertise you need to help you get your leading-edge embedded system to market. We've been there before, and we know what you're going through.

Experience with 32 and 64 Bit Systems

We have extensive experience bringing up systems using VxWorks and Embedded Linux to market successfully. Our background includes years of development writing BSPs from scratch for boards based on PowerPC, ARM, Mips, i960, and x86 CPUs. We've written drivers for hundreds of devices including Gigabit Ethernet, SCSI, I2C, SPI, Smart Battery systems, Flash Filesystem, Touch Screen, graphics, and many more.

Experience with Networks and Fibre Channel

In-depth experience with Broadcom and Marvell networking chips and reference boards at all levels, from the bare hardware to the SDK, and applications on top of the SDK. Implementation level experience with several Gigabit switch and router protocols.

We have written drivers for Qlogic Fibre Channel chips, from the ground up.

Experience with microcontrollers

We also have experience with microcontrollers such as Microchip's PIC. Projects include hardware and software design of systems including:

    - RS232 communications
    - RS422 and RS485 multi-drop communications
    - Proprietary communication protocols
    - Serial to GPIB converters
    - Temperature and RH monitoring
    - PID temperature control
    - Energy metering and management
    - Bootloaders and various development tools


Embedded Wizardry

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